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This calculator is intended for counselors on the HUD HECM Counselor Roster. You can launch CBRIT directly from Ibis through a link on the Navigator page. Other features include sticky notes, calendar tasks, and the ability to reassign a client to another user in your organization.
A sample non-borrowing spouse ("NBS") certification page has been added to Ibis RMA. As part of the HECM loan package it must be signed by any borrower with a NBS and by all borrowers who are not married, i.e., all single borrowers. If there are two single borrowers, each must sign one of these certification pages. To view and print this page, click here > NBS Page <.
A new feature, the Client Budget and Resource Identity Tool is now available. Training sessions will be scheduled shortly. For a test drive, open a client or create a new client, then click the Brown CBRIT button that appears in the center of the top row  of the Navigator page. A 'Quick Start' help pamphlet is there. Agency client intake staff must assign the client to the HECM roster counselor who will be doing the actual counseling session.
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